From the lows of a near fatal broken neck to the highs of a 7 Summits world speed record and beyond, this is Steve’s story.

Steve Plain

Saturday December 13th, 2014, Steve Plain was rushed to hospital with a broken neck after being dumped in a wave at Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia. Doctors said he was extremely lucky to be alive, but were unsure if he’d walk again. Refusing to accept doctors prognosis, Steve set himself a goal.

Fast forward a few years. Steve is not only back on his feet, but has recently completed the most ambitious challenge of his life, climbing the world’s 7 Summits, the highest mountain on each of the seven continents, in under 4 months. Or what he called, “Project 7in4”.

Along the way, Steve raised awareness and funds for the Surf Life Saving Association and SpinalCure Australia.

From the lows of a broken neck, to the highs of the world’s tallest mountains, this is Steve’s story.

Steve’s Story

Project 7in4

On 14th May, 2018, Steve concluded Project 7in4 reaching the summit of Everest and setting a new 7 Summits world speed record of 117 days, 6 hrs and 50 mins.

Thank you to all have have supported Project 7in4, in particular, Jon Gupta and Tanya Plain.

Project 7in4

Australian Adventurer of the Year, 2018

In recognition of his 7 Summits world record expedition, Steve was honoured to be named “Australian Adventurer of the Year” at the Australian Geographic Society 2018 annual awards.

Award Announcement

Giving Back

Lying in hospital partially paralysed with a broken neck and contorted spinal cord, doctors told Steve there was nothing they could do apart from conservative management. They said the damage to his spinal cord would either heal by itself and he’d regain movement, or it wouldn’t. It was a frightening time for him.

Modern medicine is miraculous. Doctors can vaccinate against most diseases, they can cure most cancers, they can conduct open heart transplants, they even have the ability to clone people and yet they still can’t cure spinal cord injuries.

With all the advancements in modern medicine, spinal cord injuries are still just accepted as a life sentence. Why?

Prevention is better than cure and that is why Steve decided to support and raise awareness for the work that volunteer Surf Life Savers do in preventing spinal injuries on our beaches and in the wider community around Australia. But accidents will always happen. For that reason Steve also decided to support and help raise funds for SpinalCure’s Project Edge program conducting cutting edge research into spinal cord injury cure.

Thank you for all the support. Together we raised over $44,606 for SpinalCure and Surf Life Saving WA!

SpinalCure’s Project Edge
Surf Life Saving Association
Surf Life Saving Western Australia
Giving Back

Project Sponsors

Project Sponsors